Saturday, April 4, 2020

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Travel is that one elixir that keeps the person going, economy may boom or dip, recessions may come and go. For pleasure or for work – travelling is an essential part of everyone’s life and the industry that works diligently to keep the process of travel smooth is called Travel Trade. The back-end staff of an airline, hospitality officials, travel agents, tour operators, cruise operators, various state tourism boards – both domestic as well as international and many other branches of this travel trade together comprise the B2B vertical of tourism, which can also be referred to as the backbone of the travel industry. Bringing to you, the news and views of this very industry is the portal – Business of Travel Trade (

Business of Travel Trade has been conceptualised keeping the needs of the ever-growing travel industry in mind. We aim to not replicate what the existing medias’ are doing in terms of reporting in this particular field, rather to carve a niche for ourselves and stand out in the digital space as the trusted media partner for all. The world is moving towards digitalisation. News is today being presented in brevity and authentic information is what everyone is seeking. We aim to present the news in its most un-biased form and unlike anything presented ever before.

With regular updates on website, which would also be sent frequently to our regular database through WhatsApp and Social Media promotion, we aim to keep you conversant with not just the latest in the industry but our insightful stories and special features will also offer you an exclusive peek into the lives of the people involved in the travel trade industry.

So let take you on an incisive journey into the world of Travel Trade in India.

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